Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cancelled Flight Claims Because of the Snow

Heavy snow brought the UK to its knobbly knees over the last few days, with Luton Airport, Heathrow Airport, Southampton Airport, Gatwick Airport and London City Airport notably suffering closures and suspension of flights.

Perhaps most embarrassingly, Heathrow Airport, the world’s fourth busiest airport was taken by shock as some snow, commonly found in Canada, Russia, and other seasonally cold places, fell from the sky, covering the two runways and most probably settling on the sophisticated airport weather radar dishes…

Latest reports suggest that farmers in the West of England have donated 3 spades to help BAA clear the snow on both the runways. Kindness, which has multiplied the airport’s efficiency by 200% in dealing with this “totally unexpected” natural phenomenon.

My flight was cancelled due to the snow

Airlines are offering a full refund of the flight price to the passenger, or offering to put travellers on the next available flight. Should it be required to re-book with a different carrier, do consult the travel insurance provider as this will help smooth any future claim regarding the costs of flight cancellation and expense recovery.

However, rebooking or arranging refunds was made all the more difficult due to travel advice to “stay at home” unless trips were absolutely critical. This meant that everybody who liked snowmen more than their dull call-centre job had an easy decision.
Hence airline call centre lines had nightmarish waits and severely reduced service in many cases.

Travel insurance will frequently cover the destination purchases which could not be fulfilled because of the snow. For example, the hotel not used plus the sightseeing trips and excursions which were booked but not experienced due to the cancelled flight.

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  1. It's a massive snow fall, so many travelers affected by this.nice post.