Monday, March 9, 2009

Travel Insurance Reviews – Update

At Travel Insurance Insider, we are continually casting an independent eye over providers and the best deals on offer. But what customers also need to know, is how cooperatively their insurer performs when dealing with a claim. See our thorough reviews of the major insurers, below.

Questions for consideration:

  • If there is a parent company, who owns the insurer?
  • Is the insurance policy provided by another company?
  • What kinds of travel insurance are covered in the review?
  • Are there any medical travel insurance requirements or restrictions?
  • What kind of customer feedback has the insurer received recently?

We look at these issues raised and give a helpful guide through the specific policy small print, informing readers of some pertinent clauses. Useful research which is important for differentiating one insurer from the next, and helping consumers to judge the level of travel insurance cover being provided.

Here are some major insurers, already reviewed:

Post Office Travel Insurance Review - Find out about this popular insurer, winner of the British travel awards, and provider of travel documents. But is it good value for money?

Tesco Travel Insurance Review - Tesco are gaining a reputation among some of their customers; discover if it is a good one or not. Travel Insurance Insider exposes Tesco's small print regarding sports activities cover, and required medical criteria.

Columbus Direct Travel Insurance Review - Gain clarity defining: What is a valuable? Columbus Direct also has a peculiar cut-off age for children, but do offer insurance cover for many extra activities, in addition to their backpacker, business, single and annual trip policies.

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  1. Very useful reviews! I think the travel insurance industry could do with more like this.

  2. Thanks for these travel insurance reviews, I definitely found them helpful in making an informed choice. The impartial tone to your writing is rare in this field. Keep it up!