Monday, July 6, 2009

Airport Lost Luggage Insurance

No matter how hard one stares at the airport check-in assistant ensuring bags are securely labelled; is there any certainty that luggage and traveller will be reunited upon landing?

After weighing suitcases and answering repeatedly obvious security questions, there is often a skip of a heartbeat as carefully packed bags disappear on to the mysterious luggage conveyor-belt. There is reason to feel this way...

In Europe alone, 6,263,206 bags go missing each year (2007 Service quality statistics from the Association of European Airlines). Such an alarming figure of 6 million cases of lost or delayed luggage continues to cause stress and inconvenience to airline passengers who simply expected an efficient flight.

Worst airlines for lost luggage:
1) TAP Portugal
2) British Airways
3) KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
4) Alitalia
5) Air France

(Source: AEA Consumer Report - February 2008)

The cry: “The airline lost my bags!” is one of the most popular motivations behind taking out good travel insurance, with many insurers covering lost luggage worth several thousands in value. Further still, claims can be made for baggage delays, sometimes for hundreds too. After all, it may be necessary to purchase basic travel contents (clothes, phone, shoes, towel, toiletries, etc.) for the inconvenienced period while waiting for the missing bag to be found and returned.

Lost and delayed luggage is a standard benefit in most travel insurance policies, and provided the policy conditions are followed, it can be a straightforward payout from the insurance company, in the event that baggage enters the airport check-in baggage drop; never to emerge at the other end.

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  1. I used to purchase travel insurance sporadically, whenever I remembered. However, more recently my friend lost her bags at the airport, and after knowing what she went though, I am covered with an annual policy now.