Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Travel Insurance Tips - Part II

Continuing from Travel Insurance Tips - Part I, we explore the final six tips to help maximise the chances of making a fully successful travel insurance claim.

  1. Always travel with the paperwork. Nobody can predict when a car crash might occur, reckless taxi drivers, even organised coach trips have known to resulted in tragic incidents. Carrying the documents everywhere will help in an emergency; for example to progress medical treatment in countries which require some evidence of insurance.

  2. Get written confirmation of lost luggage. If suitcases and baggage arrives gets delayed, becomes damaged between the departure and arrival airports, or does not arrive at all; then written confirmation comes in the form of a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This details the luggage condition and status reported, and becomes a very important reference in subsequent correspondence with either the airport baggage handlers, or the travel insurance company.

  3. Remove unnecessary insurance. What sounds like an unhelpful decision could actually save money! A general assumption is to get covered for as much and as cheap as possible. But an informed tip is to ask the insurer to remove the elements of cover not required. For example; Scuba diving? Skiing? Not all will agree to a cheaper price but it is easier to succeed when the elements are clear components, such as winter sports cover.

  4. Get official reports. Wherever there is an interaction with the authorities, document this. If reporting a crime or theft, get a Police crime reference or Police report. If dealing with medical services, note the instances and details. Keep a personal record of facts, dates, times, and supporting evidence, which will strengthen any future insurance claim.

  5. Submit everything! Take copies of all evidence acquired and present it in a methodical compilation. If in doubt; include it in the application claim. It is crucial to have a personal copy while sending the primary copy to the insurer's claims department by courier or by a recorded method.

  6. Don't be fobbed off. Fundamentally all travel insurance providers run a business for profit, as such, income must be greater than expenditure. Sometimes sneaky tactics are employed to prevent customers' easy access to their entitlement. These might include long delays in correspondence, requesting additional evidence, and declining the first claim. Keep trying, and if necessary consult or complain to the industry body.

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