Monday, November 9, 2009

Travel Insurance Tips - Part I

Travel insurance is such a minor fraction of any trip's overall cost yet it can provide the most important assistance and financing when things go wrong abroad.

With all insurers guaranteeing travellers millions in health protection and medical cover, travel insurance is a small product offering a big amount of protection.

But why do policy holders sometimes face problems with completing the insurance process? The biggest cause is often with the customer's lack of familiarity with their specific policy details, so let's now consider twelve tips in two parts to empower readers buying travel insurance.

  1. Is travel in the USA included? Adding this element of cover to travel insurance has a skyrocketing effect on price. A good tip is to remove this element if it is definitely not needed.

  2. Are the excess levels competitive? This one usually bites people returning from their trip when they go to make a claim and read the policy document or the first time! To their surprise they find that an honest claim of $100 lost or stolen cash is going to cost them $70 in fees, admin, and insurance excesses. It is wise to find out what these costs will be, and whether they apply per claim or per category claimed.

  3. Read the small print before purchasing. All the good insurers have a link to a PDF download or separate page detailing the specific policy clauses. Reading this will shed light on precisely what can and can't be claimed, and what information the insurer requires in order to process the claim successfully.

  4. Declare all known medical conditions. Even apparently insignificant ones! The quote will be calculated based on several factors, age being a major one, and current level of health is another. Failure to declare information which is later considered to be a part of any medical treatments received, will likely void the entire claim. Which is not desirable news after being airlifted by MEDEVAC helicopter for $50,000!

  5. Keep all receipts! When it comes to recovering costs from a travel insurance policy, receipts really strengthen the claim. Examples include receipts of valuables taken on holiday plus electronic items such as iPods, netbooks, laptops. The same goes for jewellery and expensive clothes; anything bought before or during the trip is worthwhile keeping.

  6. Stay sober! Many incidents occur under the influence of alcohol and insurance companies are well rehearsed in declining these claims which arise out of personal carelessness. The best way is to avoid the circumstances which precipitate so many unnecessary injuries, thefts, and losses.

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