Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family Policy

What is the role of a parent? To guide, to educate and to protect children. One way of ensuring a family is protected, is to take out travel insurance before departing on a family holiday.

It is hoped that the special few weeks abroad on holiday will bring everything desired. Feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that liablity for tens of thousands of pounds in medical fees, ambulance transportation, lost or stolen items, is appropriately covered by insurance, when emergency events unfortunately occur. The reassurance of having travel insurance in place, adds to the peace of mind whilst on holiday. Since kids can be a handful to manage sometimes, it’s one less thing to worry about!

What about the provisions in the destination country? What is offered in terms of their health services? Does that country opperate a free or private healthcare system? Would the children of the family be entitled to free emergency medical treatment? How important is travel insurance in that case? Are there agreements in place between the country of departure and the destination country? What are the over 65's in the family entitled to, based on their national status abroad? Such questions can be answered with a little research online, and consultation of the policy document.

Things to look for, in the small print

When getting a family travel insurance quote, it is important to ensure the level of cover matches the nature of the holiday experience. Check the policy will cover things like; flight cancellations, medical costs, repatriation, curtailment, flight departure delays, plus lost and stolen baggage.

Worth checking also, are the maximum payout values of the particular quotes received. These can vary significantly between insurers. Avoid the heartache whereby a suitcase packed with children’s gadgets and family valuables worth a cumulative $3,000, goes missing, for example if luggage is lost by an airline; what kind of news would it be if the insurer only pays to a maximum of $1,000?

Family travel insurance suggestions

In the current economic climate, it would be advisable to use big brand companies for selecting family travel insurance quotes. Below are a list of suggestions which offer a mix of internet and telephone based customer interfaces:

Once the paperwork is organised, it is time to release and de-stress, in the full knowledge that should an untoward event occur on holiday, the travel insurance policy is active. The family can then begin enjoying the fun and relaxing holiday atmosphere, which is what most trips are all about.

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