Monday, July 26, 2010

Columbus Travel Insurance No Longer?

Columbus Direct is a well known brand in this industry, partly because of its global reach, having regional offices located around the world.

Customers favour its multi-national insurance cover and the sometimes flexible and helpful protection which can be arranged. Others like the fact it has been in business for some time.

Columbus has used its significant size and current brand awareness to raise prices from several years ago. Where in the past Columbus could be perceived as a commercial underdog, it now has outgrown that identity and is a significant presence particularly on the web.

Labelled as insurance intermediary of the year 2008; Columbus Direct receiving awards at black tie ceremonies does not in any way represent the true customer experience, faced by holidaymakers making claims on their policy.

This comprehensive and insightful review explains more about Columbus travel insurance, from a customer's perspective.

Like many competing travel insurance providers, Columbus Direct has the capacity to serve customers instant cover. Alternatively, users can choose the start date of their financial protection to coincide with their planned travel dates.

However, Although the speed of cover is good, should the person need more individual service, such as to discuss pre-existing medical conditions, then Columbus will have to be contacted by phone. And what's more, it is quite likely that the quoted price is liable to rise as more variables, health issues, and specifics are fed in to the insurance quote.

Clearly the starting price proposed by the online quote engine, is likely to be the cheapest on offer. But the problem is this; Columbus Direct are in many cases far away from being the cheapest travel insurance supplier in this moment. Many other smaller intermediaries exist which do not have the presence of Columbus, but do have the will to compete aggressively on price.

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