Friday, October 10, 2008

Fuel Costs Reduce Qantas Airfares

At last, some good news for the travel industry! Despite the Credit crunch and global economic crisis ongoing at the present time, one upside of this for travellers, is that the global demand for fuel has eased slightly, lowering fuel prices down to around $100 a barrel.

The knock on effect of this, is that aviation fuel is also slightly cheaper. In a reaction to this news, Qantas today lowered their prices for the international fuel charges currently levied on Qantas flights to the UK and Europe.

"Qantas domestic and QantasLink regional fares across a range of routes will be reduced by approximately two to three per cent," commented the executive general manager of Qantas Airways.

Further reductions are also planned for the future, according to Qantas Airways. It is good to see an airline passing on savings to fare-paying travellers so swiftly. Certainly there will be a commercial motivation behind it. Perhaps they need the custom more than most?

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