Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's not all paperwork, policies and small print! Insurers have got to get their message and brands across to the waiting public. Here it is achieved with decent travel insurance videos.

What better way to inform consumers of brands, than with a bit of light-hearted video humour. Simultaneously reinforcing the reality that things can and do go wrong, so it is wise to be insured. That way, it is the travel insurance company picking up the bill for any massive medical surgery, unfortunate accident or unwelcome event. Such a simple step saves a potential gap from occurring in ones personal finances.

Bangkok Travel Insurance Video
Three part "probability".

In this video the theme of probability while travelling expresses how unlikely events can occur, even when they seem unbelievable. The video is in three parts, with the topics of robbery abroad, loss and damage of property on holiday, and road incidents while in a foreign country.

Lucky Travel Insurance Video

Risk - A day in the life.

This traveller's insurance video, portrays the story of a guy with his fair-share of bad luck. Everything seems to get damaged, broken, lost, set on fire or flooded while he visits the city for a weekend break. But he seems relaxed because he's covered.

Who would have thought it? The travel insurance industry has a sense of humour! It is a break from scanning insurance documents with a magnifying glass.

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